Frequently Ask Questions

For a list of countries that you can send money to, please view the provided SERVICE page for more details.

For exchange rates and transaction fees, please use our provided PRICING page to calculate the accurate fees for each composed transaction associated with country, delivery method, and transfer amount.

For the expected delivery time, please use the provided SERVICE page for details. You can click on a country and view the delivery time associated with each available service.

For the maximum transfer amounts, please use the provided SERVICE page for details. You can click on a country to view the transfer limits regulated by that country.

Upon the completion of each transaction, we will send a notification message to the customer email address. Also as a registered user, you can always Log In to your account and view the status of each transaction you have submitted. The transaction status shown as 'Completed' means the money has been delivered to the designated location (i.e. money deposited to Bank/E-Wallet/Bill Payment/Prepaid Card account, or money ready for Cash pick up, or money delivered to recipient Home address, etc.)

When a transaction is submitted with payment, an online receipt will be sent to the customer email address, at which time, you as the customer will have a 30-minute window timeframe to change your mind and cancel the transaction. After the 30-minute window time, a transaction cannot be changed as it would have already been processed and passed to our delivery partner. See also our Cancellation/Refund Policy for more details.
To submit a cancel request (i.e. within the accepted timeframe), please use the provided CONTACT US page.

MoneyToAccount uses state of the art security protocol to assure you, our customers, that your transaction is safe and secured. We are mandated to follow guidelines of federal, state and local regulations. Note that although MoneytoAccount stores each transaction record securely, a customer as internet user has the option to allow the web browser to retain certain information or purge data kept as files on the user computer.
MoneyToAccount continuously upholds a high level security comparable to major financial institutions. We adhere to periodic third party security audits to maintain the security, integrity, and information contained on our site. We use current state of the art secured protocol, firewall networks, and additional security devices in transmitting and receiving data. We do not compile or sell any information regarding the customer and their financial information.
We demand from all our partners that they, too, must adhere to the highest level of security when expediting transactions. All our partners are also subjected to security testing and audits periodically.

MoneyToAccount web service is available to receive orders 24 hours a day with limited down time for scheduled maintenance and updates. Transaction processing, however, may be delayed if an order is submitted after hours or on U.S. holidays. Transaction delivery to a destination country also depends on the normal business hours and limited operating hours on national and bank holidays in each country.
Here are links to each country public and bank holidays:
Note that the above links provide general holidays information and do not necessarily reflect the actual non-operating days of every bank or financial service in that country. Certain services, such as Bank Real Time or E-Wallet, etc., may operate 24/7 all year round. Cash pickup outlet for some countries may also operate on weekend and time beyond regular business days.

Yes, in order to use the MoneyToAccount remittance service, you must have an active account. The sign up process is free and simple. If you don't have an account yet, you can register as a new user on the Create Account page.

MoneyToAccount.COM online service with its branch office locations operate in accordance to the U.S. local, state, and federal regulations. At this time, MoneyToAccount remittance service is available ONLY to the residents of the State of Florida. MoneyToAccount anticipates extending our service in the future to other states in the U.S. as well as to Canada with distribution network to other countries.

Although MoneyToAccount always tries our best to deliver money as stated in each transaction receipt, there may be circumstances that cause disrupt of services beyond the control of both MoneyToAccount and its delivery partners.
Special circumstances such as extreme weather, natural disaster, government disruption of services and facilities, or other calamities can affect the timing of delivery service. In some cases, delivery might be limited to certain affected areas, while in other cases, circumstances could affect the entire distribution network.
Customers should be aware of country/area holidays in both origination and destination. Unexpected server/internet downtime as well as planned maintenance at MoneyToAccount or at its delivery partners can also occur which may delay the delivery process.
In all those events, MoneyToAccount and its delivery partners will try our best effort to ensure delivery within the expected timeframe or as soon as the situation is recovered.
MoneyToAccount will, from time to time, post on the website and social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), as well as send email to customers with information and updates related to known limitations or disruptions that may affect the delivery of any service.

If you notice any error in the delivery of your transaction order, you must notify MoneyToAccount as soon as possible using the CONTACT US page.
Generally, for any issue regarding a transaction, you need to provide to us the Transaction ID, as shown on the receipt, along with a description of the error. Once the processing team acknowledge the problem exists, we will initiate an investigation of the discrepancy. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, if it is deemed that the error is due to the service fault, MoneyToAccount will correct the situation and refund to the customer, either the service fees or full refund if money has not been accepted by the recipient. If the error was due to the customer fault, then depending on the situation, we will work with our customers to correct the error and expedite the service as ordered where additional service fees may apply. MoneyToAccount consider the effort to correct an already submitted order as a change or new order in which new service fee and new applicable exchange rate may apply.
Note that errors such as wrong bank account number or address info can lead to unrecoverable fund or cash money. You, as the customer, must make sure that all transaction information provided are correct before submitting an order to avoid those situations. All errors and issues will be handled on an individual basis. The MoneyToAccount team will do our best to help resolve each case to customer satisfaction.

For any additional questions or issues, please use the provided CONTACT US page.
Your question/concern regarding our service is important to us, and we will be happy to provide help!

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